Investment Services

Enterprise Pals, Inc. wants to expand into future growth areas by investing in-house product development and investing in prospective technology startups.

As part of this strategy, in the last 12 months period Enterprise Pals and its investors have invested $100,000 in the form of cash and sweat equity in Mobility Automation, Inc (75 % owned by Enterprise Pals, Inc), which is specialized in Microsoft technology applications.

Enterprise pals, through its group company Mobility Automation, Inc., has invested over $300,000 in cash and sweat equity in Failsafe Hazmat Compliance, a software technology startup company. Failsafe provides software for companies that ship and/or carry Hazardous Material or Dangerous Goods. Enterprise Pals and its investors have an ongoing commitment to continue investing in the United States in various startup ventures.

With these investment initiatives and through in house developments, we made substantial progress in building products in the areas of formatted PDF data collection applications, commission reconciliation applications, hazardous materials transportation regulation enablement applications etc.

If you are a startup, an individual or a corporate interested in building innovative products with a development partner, please call us. We can provide references and prove our development and investment capabilities, sign non disclosure for your confidence.

General options:

   1. Prototype development - to prove our development and project execution capabilities.

   2. Partial cost and sweat equity participation for mutual win.

   3. Cash investment after confidence boost.

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